FAQ about eligibility

Q Can I sit UMAT if I'm enrolled in Year 11 and taking a Year 12 subject?
A No. UMAT is only available to any student whose educational level at the time of sitting the test is their final year of secondary school, or higher. Students enrolled in 2018 in Australian Year 11/New Zealand Year 12 or lower are not eligible to sit UMAT2018.

Q Can I sit UMAT if I have already completed a degree?
A You are eligible to sit UMAT if you have commenced or completed an undergraduate degree. However, not all the undergraduate degree programs for which UMAT is a prerequisite offer places for non-school leavers. Candidates are advised to check the relevant university websites for further information. Links to the universities' websites are given here. Information on GAMSAT and graduate-entry medical and dental courses is available here.

Q Do international students need to sit UMAT?
A Only a limited number of Consortium universities require international students to sit UMAT for entry to medical and health sciences courses, and then only in specific circumstances. For full details, candidates are advised to check the websites of the universities to which they plan to apply.

Q Will I be penalised for taking the test more than once?
A No, there is no penalty for taking the test more than once. You may sit UMAT as many times as you like, as long as you are a bona fide applicant each time.