FAQ about registering

Q How do I register for UMAT?
A Registrations for UMAT2018 open in early December 2017. Registration is online only. You must watch the compulsory UMAT Registration Tutorial and read the UMAT2018 Information Booklet before registering for UMAT2018.

Q What is the username for my online account?
A Your username is the email address registered on your account.

Q What is the password for my online account?
A If you do not remember your password, you can request to reset it at the login page. You must enter your registered email address when resetting your password.

Q How do I update my registration details?
A You can update your registration details in your online account by clicking on ‘manage’ next to your registration, then ‘edit’ under ‘registration details’. If you need to change your name, date of birth or gender, please email the UMAT Office.

Q How do I edit the identification details on my registration?
A You can update your identification type and its expiry date by clicking on 'manage' and 'edit' registration details. 

Q Where do I upload my photograph?
A To upload your photograph to your registration, click 'manage', 'edit' registration details and 'browse'.

Q How do I change my test centre?
A Login to your account, select 'manage' next to your registration, then 'edit' under 'registration details'. You can change your preferred test centre until late registrations close, subject to availability. 

Q Can I sit UMAT on another date?
A All candidates who register for UMAT2018 will be expected to attend the test on Wednesday 25 July 2018. In exceptional circumstances (serious unexpected illness or misadventure), candidates who are unable to attend on 25 July may apply to take UMAT on an Alternative Test Date specified by ACER. Conditions apply.

Q Can I sit UMAT overseas?
A Overseas test centres are available in New Zealand (Auckland, Dunedin) and in London, Singapore and Washington DC. If you elect to sit UMAT outside Australia and New Zealand, an overseas test levy (AUD$185) is payable in addition to the registration fee. Requests for additional test centres cannot be considered under any circumstances.

Q What kind of ID is acceptable?
A Please read the information on our identification page.

Q Does registering for the test mean I have applied for university entry?
A No. Applying for admission to one of the UMAT Consortium universities is a separate process. After consulting the universities’ websites, you should contact the universities of interest if you have any questions about the application procedure for university admission.