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FAQ about the test

Q How will I know the exact location of the test centre?
A Registered candidates will receive an Admission Ticket approximately 2 weeks prior to the test. The ticket will show the exact test centre location and the reporting time. The UMAT Office will not announce venue details before the release of Admission Tickets.

Q How long is the test?
A UMAT consists of 3 hours of test time, plus 10 minutes reading time. However, you will need to allow up to 5 hours at the test centre for the completion of all testing procedures. This time may be shorter at regional test centres with smaller candidate numbers.

Q Are there any practice questions or preparation materials available?
A UMAT preparation materials are available to purchase as online tests. A few example questions are also included in the UMAT Information Booklet. Past UMAT papers are not released. ACER and the UMAT Consortium do NOT recommend or endorse any commercially available courses offering UMAT preparation. ACER, as the agency responsible for UMAT development, is not involved in the development of any commercially available preparation courses or materials and cannot provide advice about their relevance or usefulness. It is possible that some commercial preparation courses might provide misleading information or advice to candidates. Candidates who enrol or purchase materials do so at their own risk.

Latest news

UMAT 2017 App

The new UMAT 2017 App is now available! Download it for free from your iOS or Android device or access the mobile web version of the app.

UMAT2017 Information Booklet

You must read the UMAT 2017 Information Booklet before you register.

UMAT2017 Registrations are open

You must read the UMAT2017 Information Booklet and complete the UMAT Registration Tutorial before you register for UMAT2017. Create an account or login to an existing account to register for UMAT2017.