Preparation materials

Note: UMAT is no longer a requirement for admission to medical and health science programs at Australian and New Zealand universities. 

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There are currently six preparation materials available in the form of online tests: Practice Test 1Practice Test 2Practice Test 3, Practice Test 4, Additional Practice Questions and Additional Practice Questions 2. The preparation materials can only be completed online. 

Preparation materials will be accessible in your online account as soon as your payment is received successfully. Please note: you will not receive any books in the post.

Practice Test 1Practice Test 2, Practice Test 3 and Practice Test 4 are each equivalent to a full test and will take approximately 3 hours to complete under exam conditions. Additional Practice Questions and Additional Practice Questions 2  are a collection of approximately 60 questions each that can also be used for additional practice. The preparation materials contain different selections of material and are designed to give examples of the types of question, skills and knowledge contained in UMAT. Answers are given for all questions, but worked answers are only included for Practice Test 1 and Practice Test 3Practice Test 4 is a new publication. 

Please note that the content of the preparation materials does not change from year to year unless otherwise specified.

In order to purchase the materials an online account is required. Please note that no refunds will be permitted for the purchase of a UMAT preparation material.

There are no past papers available from ACER.