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Alternative Test Date

Provision has been made for candidates who are prevented from attending the test on 26 July 2017, as a result of a genuine and unanticipated illness or other unexpected and unavoidable circumstances, to sit the test on one alternative date. This provision exists for cases of demonstrable difficulty; it is not available for a candidate who, for example, fails to register on time or is suffering from a cold or other minor illness on the test day.

In order to be considered for testing on the alternative date you must, where possible, apply through your online account at least one week before the 26 July 2017 test date, or no later than 3 working days after the test date; AND

*in the case of significant unanticipated illness, provide clear and detailed medical justification from a registered health professional to the UMAT Office. A medical certificate stating ‘unspecified illness’ or ‘unfit for work/school’ is NOT sufficient.


*in all other cases, provide a statutory declaration and other supporting documentation to the UMAT Office outlining the circumstances preventing attendance on the main test date.

Please note that candidates submitting an application to sit on the alternative test are not automatically entitled to approval. Each case will be reviewed on its merits and candidates will be notified of the outcome within 1 week of receipt of their application.

Generally, neither pressures of work or studies, nor other avoidable events or commitments, are sufficient reasons to sit on the alternative test date. Requests are NOT granted for the following:

  • Year 12 trial exams
  • Work commitments
  • Travel or holiday arrangements
  • Social and leisure events, including sporting and cultural commitments other than at state, national or international representative level
  • Attendance at functions such as birthdays or weddings as either a participant or as a guest
  • Failure to arrange transport to ensure timely arrival at the test venue
  • Failure to bring an acceptable identification document or Admission Ticket to the test centre
  • Failure to obtain an approved identification document before the main test date
  • Other expectable or avoidable circumstances

The alternative test date in 2017 will be scheduled approximately two weeks after the main test date. This will be the only alternative test date available in 2017 and will only be available at major centres.

Candidates who are unable to sit the test on 26 July 2017 because they fail to bring their Admission Ticket or correct photo-bearing identification, or who arrive after the doors have closed, are not eligible to sit on the Alternative Test Date.

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