Candidates should arrive at the test centre at the arrival time given on their Admission Ticket. Candidates that report to the centre after all candidates have been seated may not be admitted. No latecomers can be admitted once the test has started.

Before reporting to the test centre do not forget to eat a meal. Depending on the arrival time of your designated test session, you may also wish to eat a small snack before you go into the test room. You will not be allowed to take any food or drink, other than bottled water, into the test room.

The UMAT test consists of 3 hours testing time, plus 10 minutes reading time. All questions are presented in one test book and there are no rest breaks.

You may use the bathroom during testing time, but this will not be permitted during the reading time or in the last fifteen minutes of the test. No additional time will be granted for bathroom breaks.

Candidates that wish to query a particular test question on the day of the test should alert the supervisor of their concern and submit a written note before leaving the test centre. Queries will be reviewed by the UMAT Office and candidates will be notified of the outcome. Similarly, any complaints relating to the testing venue or physical discomfort suffered should be reported immediately to the supervisor on the test day so the issue can be addressed without delay.

UMAT is a high stakes test administered under secure test conditions. You may not leave the test centre before the full testing time has elapsed. Candidates leaving early will not receive their UMAT scores. Once a candidate has departed the test centre it is not possible to re-enter and continue the test.

Care should be taken when making return travel arrangements to allow adequate time at the test centre. You should anticipate being at the test centre for up to 5 hours.

UMAT is a high stakes test. Therefore ACER, in conjunction with the UMAT Consortium universities, has established security procedures which will be strictly enforced at all times.